The voting machines in the feature film 'HACKING DEMOCRACY'
will count America's votes in the November 2016 elections.
The Documentary
"Hacking Democracy" has been broadcast many times on HBO, exposing the dangers of the voting machines used in America's mid-term and presidential elections. Electronic voting machines count almost 100% of America's votes in county, state and federal elections. The Diebold voting machines and their hackable software are still used today in twenty seven states. The security holes and complete lack of transparency still pose an extraordinary risk to US elections.

Filmed over three years this daring exposé follows the investigations of a team of citizen activists and hackers as they take on the electronic voting industry, targeting the Diebold corporation. "Hacking Democracy" uncovers incendiary evidence from the trash cans of Texas to the ballot boxes of Ohio, exposing secrecy, votes in the trash, hackable software and election officials rigging the presidential recount.

Ultimately proving our votes can be stolen without a trace "Hacking Democracy" culminates in the famous 'Hursti Hack'; a duel between the Diebold voting machines and a computer hacker from Finland - with America's democracy at stake.

"Hacking Democracy" was Executive Produced by Sarah Teale & Sian Edwards of Teale-Edwards Productions LLC

Hacking Democracy DVD DVD
The DVD of Hacking Democracy was released on March 27th 2007, and is available from Docurama. The DVD includes a number of extras including footage from Georgia and California never seen before. The extras chronicle some of the struggles that didn't make it into the final version but should be of interest to anyone interested in democracy.


The DVD is also available worldwide on and in the UK at

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Diebold Attacks "Hacking Democracy"
Two days before HBO's premier broadcast of "Hacking Democracy", Diebold issued an outraged letter to the channel's Chairman, demanding that HBO "pull the documentary" from the schedule. While Diebold had not even seen "Hacking Democracy" their error filled letter also contained this extraordinary statement about the film:

"Harri Hursti is shown attacking a Diebold machine in Florida. But his attack proved later to be a complete sham."

Download the complete letter from Diebold President, David Byrd. The quote is on page 2

The 'Hursti Hack' forms the climax of the film and proved for the first time that votes stored on Diebold's memory cards can be changed undetectably. In fact our ground breaking hack was scientifically proven to be completely true. California's Secretary of State commissioned a special report by scientists at UC Berkeley to investigate the Hursti Hack.

Page 2 of their report states:

"Harri Hursti's attack does work. Mr. Hursti's attack on the AV-OS is definitely real. He was indeed able to change the election results by doing nothing more than modifying the contents of a memory card. He needed no passwords, no cryptographic keys, and no access to any other part of the voting system, including the GEMS election management server."

Download the report from the University of California, Berkeley

Watch the 'Hursti Hack' on the DVD and decide for yourself who is telling the truth and who is a sham.

The two Ohio election staff who feature in "Hacking Democracy" were sentenced on March 13th 2007 for rigging the 2004 presidential recount. Incriminating footage from the documentary was used in their court case as evidence.

Criminal Investigation into Board of Elections
(Fox 8 News)
A special prosecutor launched an investigation into the Cuyahoga Board of Elections finding that staff had rigged the 2004 presidential election recount, so that it would not match the original election night count, conducted on the vote counting computers. Watch the video on YouTube.