Two days before HBO's premier broadcast of "Hacking Democracy", Diebold issued an outraged letter to the channel's Chairman, demanding that HBO "pull the documentary" from the schedule. In fact Diebold had not even seen "Hacking Democracy". HBO stood by the film one hundred percent and celebrated its Emmy nomination for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.



"The hack that changed America.This is the pioneering hack of the Diebold voting system, filmed in Leon County, Florida. Our expert hacker, Harri Hursti, changed all the votes, virtually undetectably. Leon County's Election Supervisor, Ion Sancho, bravely gave us permission to prove that Diebold was lying about their machine's security. Mr Sancho was so shocked by the hack that he  replaced his Diebold voting machines with a new system.

Following our hack California's Secretary of State ordered an investigation by the top computer scientists at UC Berkeley. Their report confirms that, "Mr Hursti's  attack on the AV-OS is definitely real."



Two of the stars of the Emmy nominated documentary 'Hacking Democracy' reveal how easy it is to hack America's elections.
Elections investigator, Bev Harris, and Dr. Hugh Thompson talk with CNN's Lou Dobbs about the shocking film that proves America's elections can be stolen using a few lines of computer code.  


"Hacking Democracy" directors Russ Michaels & Simon Ardizzone appeared on Air America's show 'Ring Of Fire', with Bobby Kennedy Jnr. and Mike Papantonio, on Saturday April 7th, 2007.